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The Kaizen Project

Sunday 25th February 2018

Northampton Saints RFC



Ready for a Fitness Event like no other?


Submerse yourself in a day of learning with other like minded coaches and learn about nutrition, health, movement, injury, mindset, coaching skills and much MORE. 


The Kaizen Project is aimed at Continual Improvement as a trainer or coach. The industry keeps changing, more research keeps being done and we’ve created ONE day to learn all of this & more.


Join Rachel France, Ben Coomber, Stephen Aish, Mark Laws, Mike Grice for a day of evidence based practical learning, seminars and workshops aimed at making you a better coach and giving you skills you can take away and use the very next day. We all want better results for our clients, and understanding the multi-faceted approach needed is key, not just nutrition or movement alone, but amongst a plethora of other things, mindset.


Our approach with clients needs to cover their whole health and their whole lifestyle. This event can give you a deeper insight into all those areas from experienced coaches practicing their work on a daily basis.


Kaizen – Continual Improvement – the Key to being a great coach!


What can you expect in this education packed day?….






Nutrition coaching as a business – Ben Coomber, Body Type Nutrition


We all know about nutrition, it’s time to look at how to actually coach nutrition in your business. Should you coach 1-2-1, should you coach in groups, should you coach on Facebook, what assessment tools should you use, should you be a ‘hybrid’ coach? This talk will aim to breach the topic of how to actually use nutrition coaching in your business and discuss all the options outside of sitting down 1-2-1 with your client and talking about food. How and why you need to create Assets and IP in your business, how do you create the perfect online group, what software should you use, how do you scale your nutrition business, how do you automate it, and how do you get better RESULTS! 


Optimal Recovery & Performance Strategies – Ben Coomber, Body Type Nutrition


As coaches, we are always looking to improve the results we get with our clients. Diet 101 is key, you know that, but what about making them recover and perform optimally, what things are key to make them high performance humans? In this talk we will look at how to make the body recover optimally so it can perform optimally. Looking at the sleep environment, supplement to use, macronutrient splits and timing, calorie cycling and more.








From fear to impact – Stephen Aish, Body Type Nutrition 

Would you like to have a bigger impact on more clients and no longer need to hard sell?


Having worked with thousands of coaches and trainers I have noticed some common patterns. One of the most prominent is the desire to help, being held back with fear, lack of confidence, self-worth and often imposter syndrome. This talk clarifies why we suffer and how to get out of your own way in order to create abundance for yourself, your clients and your business.


The path to inner peace – Stephen Aish, Body Type Nutrition 

Have you ever wondered what you could do with your life when the brakes are off?


When you are at peace you realise that life begins to flow. This impacts every area of life and is the result of accepting you are enough and always have been. This talk drills through our current resistance, labels, attachments, and desires that keep us a work in progress and fragmented. We also teach you how to meditate properly as a take-home, lifelong skill as everything you thought was missing exists in this moment when you are fully present. 






So You Want To Improve Your Squat? – Rachel France, Biomechanics Education


Are you frustrated by your clients lack of ability to perform simple tasks like squats?


Would you like some amazingly simple screening techniques to identify WHY your client can’t squat?


From this session you will walk away with evidence based pelvis and shoulder function screens that can be done easily and quickly on the gym floor. Then we will implement a muscle energy technique to reduce risk while optimising performance of the squat.


Core Stability Training – The Truth – Rachel France, Biomechanics Education


Do you feel confused about all of the conflicting information around core stability training? 

Do you want to understand what it REALLY takes to have a strong core?

Would you like the TRUTH?


This session will take you through a series of discussions and practical insights into a simple pyramid system to help you make decisions on which core exercises are right, for whom and when! We will challenge the popularity of prescribing core stability exercises and the assumption that we all have a ‘weak’ core. We will also discuss the evidence behind all of this and give you some actionable points you can go away and apply straight away to start assessing and training correctly.


Forget Everything You Think You Know About Posture – Franklin Method 




Guest Speaker Biomechanics Coach™ Master Trainer – Tom Waldron





Franklin Method Educator, teaching a Franklin Method Workshop
‘Ideal’ posture or alignment is dynamic – not holding of positions for a prolonged period of time. Most teaching cues on posture go AGAINST the natural mechanics of the human body! Why would you teach a system that is designed to be dynamic and adaptive to be rigid and static?


In the Franklin Method we say, ‘Better information leads to better navigation of your body’. The more information your brain has, the more efficient and tension free your movement will be, optimising performance and health. 


In this session you will learn how to effortlessly balance your skull on your spine through movement, touch and imagery. This area, the atlanto – occipital joint, is an area most have no clue about and has a MASSIVE effect on neck and shoulder tension.


You will learn:


  • The detailed mechanics of the movements of the skull and neck.
  • How to balance the musculature of the neck.
  • Exercises to INSTANTLY improve head and neck alignment
  • How to produce ‘ideal’ alignment in every moment.


Is it time we moved on from stretching?



Specialist Biomechanics Coach, Master Trainer, Chris Kitson


Do you or your clients struggle with flexibility?

Have you been using stretching routines for years with limited success?

Do you seem to feel tighter the MORE you stretch?

Have you ever wondered why things feel more sore even though you’re stretching more?

Do you wonder how some people can NOT stretch and ‘get away’ with no/limited injuries?


We’ve all been conditioned into thinking more stretching is the answer to most niggles and injuries, but is it? We see thousands of stretching variations for different areas of the body. The question is – Do we need them?


In this evidence-based workshop, we’ll be taking a look at the research behind stretching, what it can and can’t do, as well as discussing strategies that you can use with yourself and your clients to facilitate better and lasting movement, and even help certain conditions heal faster! What’s not to love??


This may change the way you do things forever!







Is back pain just a pain in the butt – Mike Grice,Osteopath,  Movement Therapy Clinics


As fitness professionals we deal with many clients who have Non-Specific Low Back Pain. They have been to their GP, have had MRI’s or X-Rays and there is nothing anatomically ‘wrong’ with their back. In this session we will look at what ‘non-specific’ actually means and what manual therapy can do to help get your clients exercising again.


You will learn:


  • Updated NICE Guidelines for Low Back Pain and where exercise and manual therapy fit in (What the evidence suggests)
  • How muscle pain may be masquerading as sciatica
  • How to conduct a very simple manual therapy technique that targets key areas of the hip that may help clients in the alleviation of their symptoms

Hurt doesn’t = Harm, Mike Grice, Osteopath – Movement Therapy Clinics


Mike is a lecturer on the Sports Therapy Degree programme at University College Birmingham and has a special interest in pain science. Mike has been taught by David Butler, Lorimer Moseley and Tim Beames all of whom are leaders in the field of pain research. This session will be an introduction to pain sciences, what pain is and what the fitness industry might be able to do about it,


You will learn:


  • What pain is
  • What happens when people have pain for very long periods of time
  • Ideas for when people can’t do certain movements due to pain


Tales from the PGA Tour




Guest Speaker  – Osteopath Consultant for the PGA Challenge Tour – Poora Singh


Poora has been an Osteopath with both the PGA Tour and British Athletics team for over a decade. He has travelled throughout the world with the players of the tour and British athletes including to the last Olympics in Rio.

In this session you will learn how the strength and conditioning and therapy worlds work hand in hand with each other to ensure the fitness of the players during their various tournaments.


You will learn:


  • The setup of the challenge tour team
  • The role of the S&C/Fitness coaches and the therapists that work alongside them


Strength & Conditioning




Guest Speaker  – Mark Laws 


The One Dumbbell Workout



150 years ago strength based world records were set that will never be broken. If you join me for this session you will learn a few of the moves seldom seen today, that were performed in the late 1800s by some of the strongest men who ever lived.


You will be using kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells in a way that you may never have seen or tried before. I will also teach you my famous ‘1-dumbbell workout’ that allows you to achieve maximum results in minimum time, with nothing more than a single dumbbell.



Surviving The Industry



90% of all fitness professionals fail within their first 12/18 months.


During this never-before-seen presentation I will share with you the key areas that most fitness professionals neglect which prevents them from succeeding. If you can follow these simple steps then you and your business will be in a much stronger position to achieve long term success.





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Kettering Conference Centre, Thruston Drive, Kettering NN15 6PB, UK





A full agenda for the day will be announced soon, below are the planned timings for the day.

09:30 – Registration and Networking

10:00 – Workshops Commence

13:30 – Lunch

17:50 – Workshops End

18:00 – Your Questions Answered – Round Table

19:00 – Social Event

21:00 – Close

Refreshments and lunch will be provided to you throughout the day.


Venue and Travel:

Northampton Saints Rugby Club is located close to the town centre, an easy 15 minute walk from the train station which has direct links across the country. Northampton is conveniently located between the A1, M1 and M6 with ample free parking.


Northampton Saints RFC

Franklin Gardens

Weedon Road





For those of you who require accommodation, we suggest the following hotels and recommend you book early to avoid increased rates.


Premier Inn Northampton Town Centre

Northampton Marriott Hotel

Eagle Drive



Tel: 01604 768700


Park Inn by Radisson Northampton

Silver Street



Tel: 01604 739988


Travelodge Northampton Centre

15 Gold Street



Tel: 0871 984 6451


The Plough Hotel

97 Bridge Street



Tel: 01604 230554


The Grafton Rooms

2 Grafton Street



Tel: 01604 242624


Hotel Ibis Northampton Centre

Mare Hotel



Tel: 01604 608900


The Langham Northampton

4/5 Langham Place

Barrack Road



Tel: 01604 639917



Questions? Contact us on email or by phone Amber Keats on 07572 466232